Basic Course of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Beginners

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  1. Week 
    1. Overview
    2. What is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?
    3. XR World
    4. Devices required for AR-VR.
    5. Examples of AR-VR.
    6. Types of Augmented Reality.
    7. History of AR-VR.
    8. Uses of AR-VR in different sectors.
    9. AR-VR development softwares/engines.
    10. AR-VR development Kit.
    11. Future of AR-VR.
    12. Unity overview and it’s alternative.
    13. Vuforia overview
  2. Week
    1. Unity Basics
    2. AR-Core/Kit
    3. Animation and Scripting
    4. Visual Studio basics
    5. Vuforia Basic
    6. Unity menu and buttons
    7. Text Mesh Pro (TMP)
    8. Marker based Target
  3. Week
    1. Demo Apps
    2. Intro to 3D model stores
    3. Extra scripts
    4. Intro to Mixamo for 3D model animation
    5. Multiple Target
    6. Customization of models (colours, textures etc)
    7. Intro to Markerless
  4. Week
    1. Designing a Main Menu
    2. UI that will work with all Screen Resolution
    3. Level Selection UI with Camera Transition
    4. Scene transitions in unity
  5. Week 
    1. Virtual Buttons
    2. Pro builder
    3. Object Recognition
    4. Basic VR app in Unity
  6. Week 6 to Week 8
    1. Project

What Will I Learn?

  • Basics of AR-VR, software development platforms & kits.
  • Basic C# Scripting.
  • Small demo apps during the course.
  • Hands-on one big project.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons13h 20m 20s

Week 1?

Overview of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality world
Introduction of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality00:5:20
Examples of Augmented Reality00:11:41
Examples of Marker based Augmented Reality00:09:52
Types of Markerless Augmented Reality00:10:41
Brief History of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality00:02:02
Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Different Industry00:13:03
Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Different Industry00:12:40
XR Development Kit and Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality00:11:06
Special XR Session with Mr Avi Dwivedi Founder of XRDI00:28:58
XR QandA Session with Sushant Kumar and Mr Avi Dwivedi00:33:19

Week 2?

Basics of Unity, Vuforia, Visual Studio, andTMP

Week 3?

Hands on 3D Modeling, Aimations, and Texture

Week 4?

Designing a Main Menu and UI

Week 5?

Virtual Buttons, Pro Builder, Object Recognition, and VR intro

Week 6,7, and 8?


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